Featured Highlight of the Past

Shrimp Fishermen

Artist: Paul Ehrenberg (1878 - 1949)

Munich School

Oil on canvas

Unique / Original

67 cm x 52 cm

82 cm x 67 cm with frame

Very good condition, cleaned / restored including frame

Munich School is the name given to a group of painters who worked in Munich or were trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Munich (German: Münchner Akademie der Bildenden Künste) between 1850 and 1918. In the second half of the 19th century the Academy became one of the most important institutions in Europe for training artists and attracted students from across Europe and the United States.

Munich was an important center of painting and visual art in the period between 1850 and 1914. The mid-century movement away from the Romanticism and emphasis on fresco painting of the earlier Munich school was led by Karl von Piloty, who was a professor at the Munich Academy from 1856 and became its director in 1874. Piloty's approach to history painting was influenced by the French academician Paul Delaroche, and by the painterly colorism of Rubens and the Venetians.

Besides Piloty, other influential teachers at the Academy were Wilhelm von Diez (1839–1907), Wilhelm von Kaulbach, Arthur von Ramberg and Nikolaos Gyzis. The last generation of students of the Munich School included nearly all the major figures of the German avantgarde.

For a long time, the Munich School was completely equated with historicism and its significance for European painting and the German avant-garde was forgotten for a variety of reasons; in some cases, the work of individual protagonists was taken out of context.

Works by the Munich School can be found in numerous art collections. However, the number of works on the art market today is rather small, so that even smaller works by unknown artists from the surrounding area fetch high sums at auctions.

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