Auction Terms

Welcome to the International Gallery of Fine Arts - London (herein referred to as “IGOFA”), our next auction is scheduled to start soon and in order to bid you need to complete a few details and agree to a few additional terms. Please follow the steps below to qualify to bid in the upcoming auction.

1. Please note that all bidders must provide proof of funds upon request. Payments must be made from an account under your name, no 3rd party payments are accepted. Bids are displayed in the USD value and can be paid via a selection of payment methods.

All requested proofs will be checked and anyone submitting proof that cannot be confirmed will be blocked from bidding, even if a bid is already placed; if a bid was already placed, it will be canceled, deleted, and the next highest bidder will take their place.
- Proof of funds includes, but is not limited to:
a) If paying in fiat, a bank statement showing funds available in your account (account must be under the name of bidder), fiat payments are accepted via PayPal, Stripe and bank wire transfers.
b) If paying in YEM, your PerNum Wallet will be checked for your YEM balance, payments are made via PerNumPay.
c) If paying in other cryptos, your wallet address where the funds are located and proof that the wallet address belongs to you, the bidder would be required. Payments are made via CoinPayments.

2. KYC is required for AML policies and you must confirm you are not part of or affected by any US Sanctions. If you are already verified with SafeIdent, you are good to go on the KYC. Otherwise winners will need to be fully verified through SafeIdent via the GO UNLIMITED hexagon at
Complete your SafeZone Pass here:

3. Upon completion of the auctions and winners decided, winners have 5 business days to complete their payment and proof of payment must be submitted. - Payments must be made by same person who bids (no 3rd party payment accounts), any businesses bidding, the payment must come from a company account, and the manager bidding must have written authorization to bid on the items, including max bid amount. - Failure to make your payment in a timely fashion may result in further legal actions as deemed necessary.

Please note that we are not responsible for any internet or connection issues you may have and we make no claims or warranties the site will be online 100% of the time. The website is provided as is and the winning bid at the close of the auction is the final bid when the auction ends according to the IGOFA servers alone. All timers till the end of the auction are set when the auctions go live, if there is a bid in the last 60 seconds, an additional 60 seconds will be added for possible new bids, this process will continue until either a) no more bids are placed in the last 60 seconds, or b) one (1) hour has passed with bids continuing to be placed in the last 60 seconds, in which case the final bid entered before the final timer ends will be the winner. If for some reason a winner does not qualify, IGOFA reserves the right to select a new winner from the next highest bidders. All decisions and sales are final and at the sole discretion of IGOFA.

Thank you for your interest, if you have any auction questions, please contact us at help[at]igofa[dot]art or otherwise contact the SafeZone Support team via the SUPPORT hexagon at SafeZone.

Last updated: March 1, 2022

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