Wow, what a success! Thank you to everyone who participated. Our first artist-curated NFT auction for digital art including exploitation rights closed with a total of US$55,670,000 for just 5 masterpieces of Zsolt Lorant.

The most wanted and thus the auction closing with the highest bid at US$28,943,000 has been “Scouts” from 2016. Truly a masterpiece of imagination!

We are proud and happy to announce that starting on March 1, we will have our next exclusive auction:

Zsolt Lorant - More Digital Dreams

Again, it will be curated by the artist, and Zsolt will pick another 5 highlights of his imaginative artwork. Be sure to check back periodically for updates and a preview before the auction start date.

About the Artist

Zsolt Lorant is possibly one of the most overlooked contemporary digital artists. As a teacher for math, physics, and computer science, he was always looking for a way to convert his passion for numbers and forms into art. In 2014, he discovered digital and fractal art, and immediately he knew that he had found the perfect way to express his feelings, dreams and visions.

Within a very short time he attracted the interest of art connoisseurs when he showcased his artwork for the first time to the public in his home country of Hungary in 2016. Today, his pictures are vital parts of collections far beyond Hungary from Norway to Dubai.

In 2022, Lorant has been contracted exclusively for the International Gallery of Fine Arts (London) for a new and unique kind of artist-curated auction of just five of his digital masterpieces.

About the Auction

For the first time, an artist decided to secure his complete artwork by converting each piece into a so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and adding not just the original and unique digital file of the picture, but as well a smart contract, granting the new owner a share in the future profits of the particular piece of art, for example from limited editions of poster prints and/or prints on canvas.

Thus, the winner of each auction is actually a 3-time winner: an owner of a unique piece of art, a chance of increase in value, a stream of income from licensing (optional).

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