Art Collector - A Passion for the Extraordinary

Have you also always dreamed of being an art collector?

Art is emotion

It is able to transform people as well as rooms and create a completely new ambience. No other thing evokes so many different sensations in a person as art. This field of tension alone is worth getting involved with art and surrounding oneself with it, whether at home or in a professional environment. The prerequisite, of course, is that the exhibits are perfectly selected. And this is precisely where we can provide you with competent support and creative advice. Thanks to our many years of experience in the gallery and art consulting sector, we specialize in integrating works of art harmoniously and purposefully in all desired areas. For this we use our special feeling for art, interiors and people on the one hand and on the other hand our large spectrum of renowned artists and different art directions. Our focus is predominantly, but not exclusively, on contemporary art: paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographic art and installations. No matter with which wishes and requirements you approach us - we support you according to all rules of our art. Passionate art collectors know that in life neither the price nor the quantity matters. Value alone is created by the feeling one feels while searching, when one has discovered or successfully got hold of a work of art. And this passion for collecting gives art and its creators meaning beyond their deaths.

François Pinault, one of the 10 most important art collectors in the world declares: "For me, emotions come first in the field of art".

Jochen Zeitz (for 18 years the CEO of the sports brand Puma). "Everything I buy, I like," he said. "I have to like it, and it has to have relevance to my collection. I always buy with my heart."

An art collector is characterized by strategy and thoughtfulness when buying art. Collectors buy artwork with a long-term goal in mind, the merging of various artworks into a true collection. And this is exactly where IGOFA can and will support you.

We make decisions with and for you

The artworks should complement each other; the so-called red thread, a focus, is needed. When taking the first step towards your own collection, it is therefore important to clarify whether the focus should rather be on a certain era or movement (such as classical or modern or contemporary art), or on a certain theme (such as portraits, landscapes) or on a certain medium (e.g. paintings, sculptures). When collecting art, quality is paramount, so IGOFA focuses on the artworks that stand out from the crowd. Every collection needs great elements. The works in the collection must enrich each other and they are brought together to form a harmonious whole. The goal is that the overall impression of the collection is more significant than the individual exhibit.

The fact that one approaches a collection strategically does not mean that one must therefore put one's own style on the back burner. Following one's individual taste is clearly the most promising way to own an exceptional collection.

The decisive factor in the acquisition will therefore always be the emotions and not the nevertheless desired financial return. Benefit from our many years of expertise, our own extensive art collection, and our contacts to international artists, galleries and museums.

Start or add to your collection by participating in our monthly art auctions and discover a wide range of classical and modern art - even at affordable prices.

But even if you already own art collections and want to resell parts of your collection, we would be pleased if you entrust them to us for our auctions.

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