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“True/Commodity Art” accompanies art collectors, gallery owners and dealers in their search for the art of tomorrow. The world of art investment shows the mutually beneficial development of business and art. Art and business are converging more and more. The art market continues to fascinate even those not otherwise interested in art worldwide with ever new price records. With record proceeds of $830 million, the Rockefeller art collection is the most expensive private collection sold at auction to date. Picasso's work "Young Girl with Flower Basket" alone changed hands for $115,000,000.

Art is therefore becoming increasingly interesting for investors as an alternative form of investment! If you want to invest profitably in art, you have to know how the mechanisms of this market work and which objects have the greatest chance of a lasting increase in value. The performance of the art market can be compared to the stock market using the Artprice 100 Index developed by and clearly shows:

  • Growing art market: increasing transactions and turnover
  • Constantly high global demand for attractive art assets
  • Low correlation to the capital market

With its expertise, IGOFA therefore looks behind the scenes of the international art fairs for interested art investors, explains the global markets of art assets and shows which amounts are "moved" there and where the journey could go. IGOFA's long-standing and extensive know-how as well as its professionalism and creativity put it in a position to be able to assess this correctly. IGOFA specializes in new contemporary and emerging art. As an innovative platform we work with artists, galleries and museums and trend scouts of the emerging art market from all over the world.

Art Investment

More and more buyers and collectors are now looking at the art market as an alternative to traditional investment assets. Unlike stocks, real estate or precious metals, each work of art is unique and cannot be replaced or directly compared to another work of art in terms of value. The popularity of other investment collectibles such as wine, watches, coins, classic cars, etc. has generally increased in recent years.

Investing in contemporary art

One of the most sought-after genres on the art market is contemporary art. Over the past five years, contemporary art has achieved an above-average annual rate of appreciation. However, buying artwork is more than just buying something beautiful. A work of art offers personal value, a long-term investment, and a cultural contribution. Art also offers other benefits, although art does not earn interest and artists do not pay dividends: Because collectors enjoy great recognition and art investment is therefore also always an investment in one's own image. In addition to the financial aspect, however, the ideal value should not be neglected. Art should also be enjoyed. It is precisely the uniqueness of a work of art that makes the investment interesting for collectors, i.e. works of art are not dependent on developments on the financial markets.

Art investment for every budget

You can invest wisely in art even on a smaller budget. We specialize in discovering and introducing emerging artists (Secret Talents) - masters of tomorrow - whose works have the potential to increase in value. IGOFA's goal is to first determine your ideas and wishes regarding your intended art acquisition as an art investor in dialogue with you, and then to present you with adequate proposals from our extensive portfolio of artists - of course, always with the utmost discretion..

Our Art Investment Services

  • Free personal art and investment advice
  • Hand-picked investment-oriented art work portfolios
  • Post-sales services such as framing, insurance & more
  • Special projects such as share-based art financing
  • Options to have artwork made (commissioned)
  • Building private as well as corporate art collections

Let us enrich you in every way!

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